Condom Moulds Fitting Accessories

Aluminium Holders
Delrin Holders
Rubber Orings
Plastic Orings
Aluminium Mandles
SS Mandles
Duplex Boxes(Display Cortons)

M/s Jbb Scientific Glass Pvt Ltd was established 2002 , with an aim to serve the industries with quality Condom Moulds (Glass Formers), Laboratory Products and Scientific Glassware. With the experience gained over 20 yr's, now JBB undertakes manufacturing of almost any custom-built requirements of special design to suit customers application in all type of Condom Moulds(Glass Formers), Scientific Glasswares and Laboratory Equipments.

JBB has a well equipped industry of its own and committed to the consistent and reliable supply of Condom Moulds and Scientific Glasswares to the international market. We have earned a high degree of credibility with our customers as a trustworthy company for the supply of best quality Indian Condom Moulds.

All other condom manufacturers the worlds over have come up using our Glass Moulds for Condom Manufacturing. Our well trained technical personal are managing the organization in a professional manner. JBB is the #1 Export organization of Condom Moulds in India and continues to hold that position with high international repute.Today JBB products can be seen in about 3 countries. The company has the inbuilt capacity to supply all type of Condom Moulds and Scientific Glasswares for high level requirement.